• August 9, 2016
    #Saint-Genoa church in Thiers

on airs of Mozart, Satie, Gounod, Saint-Saƫns as well as Japanese airs

Naoko was born and raised in Tokyo. Intending to early musical career, she joined the Tokyo College of Music where she was top. Very quickly it connects prestigious appearances and national competitions. She then went four years in Italy, the birthplace of opera, to study in Milan. His first role, that of Frau Fluth, in "Die Weiber von Windsor lustiegen" followed by a number of leading roles including Ciao Ciao in "Madame Butterfly" Lady Fiametta in the operetta "Boccaccio" Violetta in "La Traviata," Susanna in "Le Nozze di Figaro" Lucy in Menotti comic opera "the Telephone" and Angele in "Der Graf von Luxemburg".

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